Our founder Osman Nuri Noyan;

OUR HISTORY It established NYN Hanger in 1999 and started its activities, which it started in 1997 with the production of wooden hangers at European standards. With its innovative structure and the importance it attaches to quality, it has proved in a short time that the wooden hanger can be out of its usual form and that it can be much more useful with all its newly designed side equipment. "If I'm doing a job, I have to do my best." With its approach, it proved its quality as well as gaining the trust of its customers in a short time.


OUR MISSION To be able to produce the wooden hanger, which is the biggest product of the textile market in the exhibition, with all its details and to gain the satisfaction of our customers without sacrificing quality and service. Upon seeing that the textile industry is in a structure that is very open to innovations and easily adapts to innovations, we started to produce special exhibition hangers for their collections by focusing on special designers, which is our first goal. In this way, over time, we proved that other companies may have special hangers for them, and we provided a new perspective to the market and contributed to our growth.


OUR VISION To protect and develop the pride of being the biggest wooden hanger company of Europe at this point, which we have reached by combining both our product quality and service quality with our wide and innovative product range in the wooden hanger sector in the world. In addition to all these efforts, it is our priority to provide the best service and provide the most appropriate service, taking into account the interests of our customers.


OUR QUALITY POLICY NYN Hanger places its customer-oriented approach at the center of its strategies in order to provide the best service to its customers and to create solutions beyond their expectations. Knowing that human resources are indispensable and the most important value for the success of this approach, it aims to create a work environment focused on continuous improvement and quality.

With its Lean Management philosophy, it continuously improves its processes so that it can compete at an international level, supports it with information systems, encourages innovative and creative studies, and determines its R&D approach as a strategic priority.

In this context, we undertake to develop and produce the most economical and fastest solutions that best suit customer demands and to fulfill our responsibilities to our stakeholders in a sustainable manner.


As NYN Askı employees, in order to manage all kinds of risks to our assets connected to our business continuity and business processes;

Establishing an Information Security Management System in compliance with ISO 27001 standards, making, documenting and continuously improving the documentation required by the standard,

Complying with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security,

Systematic management of risks to our business processes,

Carrying out trainings to develop technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase information security awareness,

We work with all our strength, aiming to be an exemplary organization in our sector in terms of Information Security.


NYN Hanger, the largest wooden hanger manufacturer in Europe, aims at continuous development with an effective Environmental Management system by providing all the necessary resources to achieve its environmental principles and targets at every stage of its production and service activities, starting from the selection of raw materials.

To achieve this aim;

To meet the environmental expectations and all legal requirements of the parties to which the business processes affecting the environmental management system are connected,

Evaluating the environmental consequences that our organization directly or indirectly affects with a risk-based thinking approach,

To take accountability in relation to the results of waste management and environmental impacts in relation to the environmental management system,

To provide the necessary resources for the realization of the objectives of the environmental management system we have planned and the promotion of its continuous improvement,

Reducing our carbon footprint, being aware of the fact that climate change can have direct and indirect long-term effects on our production activities and supply chain,

To work within the scope of energy efficiency and to consider renewable energy opportunities, To reduce water consumption by using water resources effectively,

To produce in a way that will least affect the air and water quality during our activities,

In order to prevent pollution and protect the environment by using our technical and financial means; To separate the wastes at the source, to do the necessary studies to reduce the use of natural resources and to control the measurement results of these studies,

With the awareness of chemical management responsibility, to produce in a way that causes the least damage to the environment during the chemical selection, use and waste phases,

Regarding our environmental management system, necessary training, information, etc., to ensure the participation of all concerned in the system. to provide resources and to encourage them by evaluating their contributions,

We are committed to focusing on the use of recycled materials within the framework of the life cycle and prioritizing the use of environmentally friendly materials where applicable.