What is Wooden Hanger? What are the Types of Wooden Hangers?

Do you want to extend the life of your clothes and create order and elegance in your closet? Then it's time to switch to wooden hangers! In this article, you will discover the advantages of wooden hangers, get to know the different types of wooden hangers and find information to help you choose the right one.

Wooden hangers are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. They add a natural elegance to your wardrobe and reflect your style. Are you ready? Let's step into the mysterious world of wooden hangers!


What is Wooden Hanger?

A wooden hanger is a tool made of wood that is used for hanging clothes, dresses or other textiles. Both functional and aesthetically prominent, wooden hangers ensure that your clothes are properly stored and long-lasting.

The main features of wooden hangers are as follows:

  • Durability: Wood is a more robust and durable material than plastic hangers. In this way, it can safely carry even your heavy clothes.

  • Shape Preservation: Wooden hangers are designed with a wide and rounded shoulder area. This helps your clothes maintain their natural shape and prevent wrinkling.

  • Air Flow: Wood is a breathable material. This allows your clothes to breathe and prevents bad odors.

  • Aesthetics: Wooden hangers add zen to your wardrobe with their natural and stylish look. With different wood types and processing options, it is possible to find wooden hangers for every taste and decoration.

Wooden hangers can be more costly than plastic hangers. However, given their longevity and the benefits they bring to your clothes, this investment is well worth it.

Before buying wooden hangers, it is important to consider the type of clothes you will be using and the size of your closet. Read on to see the different types of wooden hangers.

Wooden Hanger Types

Wooden hangers offer an ideal option for organizing your wardrobe and hanging your clothes neatly. Different types of wooden hangers such as shirt-shoulder hangers, trouser hangers, baby-child hangers and coat hangers offer a wide range of functionality to their users.

Shirt- Blouse Hangers: Wooden shirt and blouse hangers help you keep the shirts and blouses in your closet properly with their special designs that do not damage the fabrics. Their wooden surface provides an elegant touch while preserving the form of your clothes.

Trouser Hangers: Wooden trouser hangers combine elegance and functionality. Thanks to their special non-slip design, your pants hang neatly and keep their place in your closet. The wooden texture ensures that your clothes are preserved without damaging the fabric.

Baby-Child Hangers: Wooden baby-child hangers keep tiny clothes hanging neatly and help you organize your children's clothes. With their colorful wooden details, they create a cheerful atmosphere in your children's closet.

Jacket Hangers: Jacket hangers have sturdy designs that safely carry thick and heavy jackets. Wooden coat hangers protect the shoulder lines of your jackets and provide an organized look in your closet.

Wooden jacket hangers not only keep your clothes organized, but also add an aesthetic touch to your closet. The natural wood material creates a warm atmosphere in your room and keeps clothes organized.

Why Use Different Hangers for Shirts and Jackets?

To hang your shirts and jackets neatly, keep your clothes in shape and keep your closet organized, it is important to use the appropriate hangers. There are hangers with different widths and features for this. If we list them;

Special Hangers for Shirts

  • Shoulder Structure: Since shirts are usually made of thinner and lighter fabrics, specially designed shoulder straps support the shoulder structure and ensure that the garment hangs properly.

  • Sleeve Length: Arm hangers are preferred so that the sleeves of the shirts can be hung properly. This helps prevent wrinkles and protects the sleeve details of the garment.

  • Aesthetic Appearance: The slim and elegant shouldered hangers display your shirts in a more aesthetic way and create an organized look in your closet.

Special Hangers for Jacket

  • Thick Fabric and Construction: Since jackets are usually made of thicker fabrics and are heavier in weight, straps with shoulder support and wide shoulders are preferred. This protects the shoulder structure of the jacket and maintains its shape.

  • Low Shoulder Models: The shoulder structure of some jackets may be lower than other types of clothing. In this case, low shoulder straps better support the form of the jacket.

  • Pocket Support: Jacket hangers often have a similar structure to trouser hangers and can help maintain the form of the pockets under the jacket.

  • Weight Bearing Capacity: Jackets are generally heavier than other garments. Therefore, using hangers made of durable and strong material helps the jacket to bear its weight comfortably.

It is important to use specially designed hangers to keep your shirts and jackets long-lasting and to keep your closet organized. Choosing the right hanger, taking into account the characteristics of each type of clothing, will help keep your clothes healthy and stylish for longer.


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